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(Please Note: We are always tweaking and adding to the resources found here. If you know of a missed resource or notice a change that should be made, please fill out the Suggest a Resource page.)

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Welcome to findSupport BC!
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1. What is the difference between a resource and an organization?
A resource is a specific solution to a problem or challenge that the user is looking to solve. This is usually through a program, service, or fund. An organization is the entity that runs these resources.
2. What if I cannot find a resource that I am looking for?
Please contact us at the Family Support Institute and let us know what exactly it is you're looking for. We should be able to help you find the support you need. Also, keep checking the website because resources are always added as they become known.
3. What if I know about a resource that can be added to the website?
Please fill out the Suggest a Resource page or send a message to info@fsibc.com with the title "New Resource for Find Support BC" and we will take a look at it.
4. What if I'm looking for financial aid to participate in any of the resources?
Please look under the "Funding" tab after conducting your search to find resources that provide you with financial aid. There should also be financial assistance available through the organization that provides the resource you want.
5. What if I do not have a diagnosis or do not know the disability label?
Some services are offered to people with self-declared disabilities while others require a medical diagnosis. You can search under the disability type "Other/I Don't Know" for services offered to those with self-declared disabilities, or contact us for help determining which label to search under or to learn how you may be able to get a diagnosis.
6. What should I do if I do not understand the information in the site or need some support?
Please contact us at the Family Support Institute, we will be glad to help you navigate the website or support you in finding the resources you need. You may also ask a loved one or support worker for help with the website.
7. How do I save resources so I can review them at a later date?
First, please login to the website using your Facebook or Twitter account. Second, save resources by clicking "clip this resource" at the bottom of the page. You can view saved resources at any time by logging in and clicking "My Clips" on the top left of the website.
8. How does the search function work, and how accurate is it in finding a resource that best fits what I'm looking for?
Once you enter your query with the Age, Disability, Region, and City, the search function finds the best matches within the parameters that you've set. Find Support has researched all official resources in BC and has created a database of them. If you know of a resource but cannot find it on the database, please send us a submission through the "Suggest a Resource" page.
9. How frequently is the site updated with new resources or those that haven't been found?
The site is updated on a weekly basis with new resources that are recommended, or with ones we've found through our research which aren't already in the system. This process of weekly updates will continue for a long as this site is in existence so that the site is always up-to-date.
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Nancy Chan - Administrative and Office Manager

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Valerie Irving - Training Coordinator

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Danielle DeVries - Research Coordinator and familyWORKs Coordinator

Email:ddevries@fsibc.com / Phone: (604) 540-8374 ext. 526

Marta Carlucci - Volunteer and Community Engagement Coordinator

Email: mcarlucci@fsibc.com / Phone: (604) 540-8374 ext. 528

Si Stainton - Volunteer and Community Engagement Coordinator

Email: sstainton@fsibc.com / Phone: (604) 540-8374 ext. 528

Bob Kashyap - Provincial Family Support Coordinator

Email: bkashyap@fsibc.com / Phone: (604) 540-8374 ext. 525
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Welcome to findSupport BC!
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