Community Asset Mapping

What is Community Asset Mapping?

Community mapping is a tool that connects people to one another, their community and to their local neighborhoods.

Community asset mapping is a collective process that can be used to:

  1. Identify important places and gifts in our community
  2. Get to know each other and build social connections
  3. Create a vision about what we collectively care about
  4. Start meaningful conversations and build community partnerships
  5. Facilitate personal planning to build a full life in community

Stories and Events

People all over the world use community mapping to tell stories about the places they live and use it as a process to strengthen inclusion and belonging in their communities.

Please share your story with us! Visit the BC Community Mapping Network to:

  1. learn about other mapping projects in BC and around the world
  2. share and hear stories about inclusive and welcoming places in BC.
  3. find out about mapping sessions and inclusive events happening in your community.
  4. learn how to host a community mapping workshop in your community.